Mar 10 2012


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So…do I get the job?

It’s a good thing that I am currently employed.  I was watching the news and they did a brief story about crazy questions that are often asked by interviewers during a job interview.  Some of these odd questions are purposely asked to see how fast an applicant can think on his/her feet, to determine creativity, and is also an attempt to get a peek at an applicant’s personality.  I’m sure I wouldn’t be offered any job, if I were asked some of these weird questions because I’m positive the interviewer would not like my answers.


If you could be a super hero, what power would you possess?  Who is to say that I’m not already a super hero?  I meanI already have super socks.  Normally, I would say I would like to have the power to induce laughter at the snap of a finger.  Any bad guy that crossed my path, I would point at him, and make him laugh hysterically.  He would laugh so hard; he would pee his bad pants until the police arrived.

At this particular moment, I would like to have the power to fly.


Because the price of gasoline is showing no signs of decreasing, and I don’t want to drive one of those smart cars any time soon.  Somehow, the thought of me driving one of those little cars wearing a super hero suit doesn’t quite paint the picture of a masculine crime stopper.

I would show up at a crime scene and people would think that I’m there to direct trafficnot solve a crime.  Worse yet, people would think that I’m the official crossing guard of crime scenes, and expect me to help them cross the street.  Captain Cross Guard doesn’t sound sexy, and having a big red stop sign on my chest isn’t going to get me my own action figure.

I would possess the power to fly, that is my final answer.


What did you play with as a child?  I suppose sharp objects and fire are not good answers. I played with the typical children’s toys growing up.  I had a compound bow, and there were moments when I was Robin Hood.

I never really was a hunter, but I did achieve some Jr.  Olympic glory from my bow-and-arrow skills.  Somewhere I have the medals and certificates to prove my mastery of target shooting.  I also wore a real ninja suit and terrorizedI mean protected my neighborhood from crime and practical jokers.


What is your strategy at table tennis?  Since I am not very good at table tennis, my strategy would be to dress up in a giant yellow chicken costume to distract my opponent in order for me to win the game. Impressing all the ladies in my yellow tennis outfit would be an added bonus.


If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?  I would be a shoe tree.

A shoe tree is popular, people leave me gifts, and no one wants to cut me down.  Although, it would be nice if people only left me new shoes.  Some of these shoes have taken steps in wrong places, and it would be nice if a strong wind took them away from my branches.


If you were ice cream, what flavor would you be?  My favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate chip. So I would be chocolate chip ice cream. Like life, being vanilla isn’t a bad thing, but sometimes we all need chips of chocolate to add flavor, variety, and color to our lives.


If I paid you in M&M’s, how many bags of M&M’s would you require?  Seven bags, but please make them M&M’s minisit will seem like I’m getting more pay.  Besides, when you receive M&M’s minis it means you are special.


What is your best quality?  My ability to see the humor in this world, and share my viewpoint with anyone who will listen, to achieve my ultimate goalmaking people smile and laugh.


Have you ever been asked an odd question during an interview?

If an interviewer asks you a silly question during the interview, relax, and provide a humorous response. It will break the ice, and show you are a creative person that doesn’t falter when faced with an adverse situation or question.  We all face odd, strange, and sometimes weird events in our lives, how we respond to these situations shows our true character.

Smilehumor is everywhere.

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  1. Chole

    So, when does the world get to read another one of your post?

    I know I am set up to be notified for new posts but I was just hoping that there was something wrong with my email. I guess there is nothing wrong with my email, since I check your page regularly.

    Just so you know, I am waiting for your next post :)

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