Jan 31 2012


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Don’t Be Ordinary (Fill In The Blank)

I watched 15 minutes of a movie called Code 46, but during that time I heard a line that has resonated in me the last few days.  A man and woman are sitting at a table.  The man tells the woman that he has a son.

The woman says, “I bet your son is special.”

The man replies, “He is special.”

The woman says, “If everyone’s kid is special….makes you wonder why there are so many ordinary grown-ups in the world.”


What a great line.  What an honest line.  It’s not that we’re all ordinary; we just sometimes lose sight of our childhood and adult dreams.  The world has a powerful way of clouding our child-like eyes, our views, and most importantly, our dreams.  I’m thankful that as an adult, I still see the world with the same eyes as I did as a child.  It’s the reason why I write.


I still believe that one day I’m going to go on a treasure hunt like the kids in The Goonies movie.  I’m a Goonie and I’m proud of it. “It’s my time…down here.  It’s their time…up there.”  I’m an adult and it’s still my time…down here.  I have adult responsibilities but I don’t take them or life too seriously.  Life as we all know it is too short to not see all the beautiful and funny things that come into our lives every day.  Why wait for a devastating event to happen in our lives to appreciate everything?  Take off your adult glasses or blinders, and see the world with all of its possibilities.  Just like we all did when we were children.


When I grow up, I’m going to be a (fill in the blank).

When I grow up, I’m going to travel to (fill in the blank).


Humor and happiness are everywhere.


I always stop at lemonade stands.  I don’t care where I have to go or even if I’m running late.  I will turnaround, and buy lemonade.  I have had good lemonade and I have had not so good lemonade from many young entrepreneurs in my time.  Seeing a child’s eyes light up when you buy their lemonade, and give them a large tip is priceless.  I have no idea what they plan to buy with the money from their private business.  I like to believe they are going to purchase materials to build a tree house, dolls, a magician’s kit, or even 200 yellow stickers.


I still believe that I am a ninja.  I will tell you about my adventures as a ninja in the future.


Making snow angels is not overrated.


Slip-n-slides are fun.


I still cannot hula hoop and I look just as goofy trying as an adult.


Water balloons make me laugh.


When eating Pringles, I still flip the chips, and make duck lips.  I did today in my office.


Rock, paper, scissors still play a major part of my life.  Sometimes great decisions are reached, and disputes are settled, utilizing this convenient and affordable game.


I still don’t like chess.


I still play video games.


I still believe when I buy new shoes, they make me run faster.  You should see me run around the store when I try on new shoes.  Yes, I’m that guy.


I still love blue slushies.  I like to stick my blue tongue out at people.


Blowing bubbles is therapeutic.


I still cannot cook.  Unless you consider a bowl, cereal, and milk a gourmet meal.  If so, I’m an amazing chef at making Captain Crunch, Cocoa Pebbles, Lucky Charms, and Frosted Flakes.


Water gun fights are absolutely fun.  They are even fun at work.  I don’t recommend you start a water gun fight at work, unless you have established yourself as a clown and practical joker first.


I love building ugly sand castles at the beach.


I still like to find shapes, animals, and faces in the clouds.


Sometimes after watching a scary movie, I will sleep with a light on.  The light has protective qualities against ghosts, aliens, and monsters.  If a movie is really scary, one has to resort to the ultimate weapon against all creepy things…pulling the covers over your head.


I love it when people tell me to grow up.  No!  You grow up!


We were all special as kids.  We are all still special as adults.


Don’t let the world make you believe that ordinary is acceptable.  Find your passion and pursue it with everything you have.


What do you want to be or do when you grow up?  (Fill in the blank).

© 2012, Iric. All rights reserved.

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