Aug 15 2012


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The Word of the Day Is Pessimist

Today I am going to be a pessimist.  I’m going to expect the worst.  Why?  So when the worst doesn’t happen, I will be thankful for the good things that come my way. 


It’s okay to make mistakes.  Do your best to learn from them.


Today go outside and take a walk, go for a jog, or just jump up and down, and be thankful for your health.


It’s okay to not achieve a goal as long as the effort in trying makes you happy, and the small victories along the way bring you a sense of self-worth, pride, and happiness.


You will not make everyone in your life happy.  It’s okay.  The people who love you will always love you.


Today make a child laugh.  A child’s laughter brings smiles to everyone within earshot.  I’m confident that a child’s laughter has medicinal qualities.


Today stop and smell the roses.  Don’t let the fast pace and seriousness of everyday life prevent you from seeing all the beauty that surrounds you.


We all want the best for our friends and family members so we should always provide love, hope, and support especially in their defeats.  It’s during a moment of feeling completely defeated when someone’s true character shines the brightest.  It’s also those moments when you truly find out who loves you the most, and who your friends are.


Today someone you know may be feeling completely depressed, and feel like they are in the dark.  If you know someone like that, be their sunshine today.  Offer them an ear, a shoulder, a hug, and tell them you love them for who they are.  Help them get through a difficult stage in their life, and help them to find their smile again.


Smiles are contagious and are a frown’s worst enemy.  Be a frown’s enemy today, and smile as much as possible.

Today hug your child or children.  Give them a hug that lets them know they are safe, loved, and that you are and always will be their biggest fan.


It’s okay to cry.  Crying helps to release feelings and stress from a hard day.


Today call someone to say, “Hi” instead of just sending a text message.  Let them hear the smile in your voice when you talk to them on the phone instead of sending a smiley face in a text.


Do something simple for someone special in your life.  Sometimes the simple things mean as much or more than an expensive gift.  Some ideas:

  • Make them a homemade card.
  • Hold hands.  Holding hands is a lost art.
  • Cook a meal for them. 
  • Go out for ice cream…if they are really special buy them two scoops of ice cream. 
  • A walk in a park, and as mentioned above, hold their hand. 
  • Listen to their favorite song with them.
  • Watch their favorite movie with them. 
  • Write a poem for them. 
  • Go to the zoo.


Sing in the shower like you’re giving a free concert.  If you’re not the best singer in the world, it will make you laugh, and if someone happens to hear you, I’m sure it will make them laugh as well.  The world needs more laughter in it.


Today tell someone that you love them and when you say it…say it with meaning.


Today I’m going to be a pessimist and be thankful for all the beauty that surrounds me, my health, and all the loved ones in my life.


What about you? 

What are you going to be today?

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  1. Dakota

    dang… this is exactly what i needed today. thank you.

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