Aug 24 2012


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A New Fantastic Point of View

Today is one of those days I wish I was a Disney character.  Why?  Just to be different and no matter what happens…it always turns out good in the end.

Maybe I’m just ready for the weekend.  Right now I would settle for having a magic carpet.  I’m not sure where I would go on my magic carpet ride, but I’m sure it wouldn’t involve sitting at a desk.

My Magic Carpet To Do List:

  • Fly to some pretty beach so I can build ugly sandcastles and watch the clouds pass by.
  • Fly around the city and provide free traffic reports to all the news and radio stations.
  • Replace the police helicopter for my city.  I’m sure a magic carpet is better for the environment and gets better gas mileage than a helicopter, right?
  • Fly to the rainforest and spend the weekend with the Happy Naked Feet Tribe.
  • Replace the blimp at a sporting event.  I may be able to strap a digital sign to my chest to offer advertising, score updates, or marriage proposals.
  • Be a personal GPS for someone trapped in a giant labyrinth.
  • Play Tag and never be “it.”
  • Help people find their car at shopping malls across the country.
  • Save cats stuck in trees.
  • Fly faster than a speeding bullet without having to wear blue tights, red boots, and a cape.
  • Catch every home run ball at a baseball game.
  • Fly to a drive-in movie theater and watch movies for free.
  • Change light bulbs without the use of a ladder.
  • Show my support for my favorite football team by blocking the opposing team’s field goals.
  • Help Santa if he gets too busy.  I’m not going to wear a red nose.
  • Watch the sunset from a new fantastic point of view.
  • Have the best seat at every outdoor concert.  Heck, I may even be part of a music video.  I would make so many music video cameo appearances, I could potentially end up being more annoying than a Justin Bieber video.  Wait!  That’s not possible.
  • Lay back on my magic carpet and watch the stars at night.
  • Tie a giant boom box to my magic carpet and constantly play the song A Whole New World.  I will not be dressing like Aladdin in public.  I would fly my magic carpet through neighborhoods. Children would hear my music, and mistake me as the ice cream truck.  I’m not sure what the weight restrictions are for magic carpets, but I would try to bring a freezer aboard and throw…I mean hand out free ice cream during the summer.

A Whole New World

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Where would you go if you had a magic carpet?

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