Feb 03 2012


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Wear Red…Be Healthy…Or Else

Today is National Wear Red day.


How many people knew that?


National Wear Red Day is an important day because it brings light to a serious subject among women…heart disease.  So today and throughout this weekend everyone should wear red to raise awareness about the subject; and also to promote healthier lifestyles.  Some retailers are even giving extra discounts to customers who wear red throughout the weekend.


I’m wearing red today to show my support.


This morning I noticed that the McDonald’s drive-thru that I pass on my way to work was the busiest that I have ever seen it.  Apparently, the people in the drive-thru did not get the memo that today is heart awareness day.  How do I know that?  Because eating a Sausage McMuffin is not a heart healthy food.  I’m not even sure what food group a Sausage McMuffin falls into, but I’m sure you wouldn’t find it on a poster promoting a healthy heart.  You would more likely find a Sausage McMuffin promoting a “this is your heart on crack” poster.


In fact, if I was working the McDonalds drive-thru during lunch today it would go something like this:


Me: “Hi!  Welcome to my McDonald’s.  Would you like try a salad today to promote national heart awareness day?”

Customer: “Umm…no.  I would like a Big Mac instead.”

Me: “Are you sure you want a Big Mac?”

Customer: “Absolutely.  Can I please just have a Big Mac?”

Me: “Okay…glad it’s your heart not mine.  Please pull up to the second window.”


(At the second window)


Me: “Sorry, but I cannot give you this Big Mac.”

Customer: “What?”

Me: “I didn’t realize when you were placing your order that you were wearing a red shirt.  Today is national heart awareness day. Since you are wearing red, and this burger is not healthy; I cannot allow you to purchase this item.  Our salads are a great alternative.”

Customer: “Are you kidding me?  Just give me the (fill in the blank) Big Mac now!”

Me: “Okay, I will give you this Big Mac under one condition.  I’m going to have to ask you to take off your red shirt.”


So if anyone is wearing red today and making unhealthy heart choices…immediately go up to them and ask them to take off their clothes.  You may want to consider the person; and the person’s body type before asking them to get naked, but you get the point.


Since a number of retailers are offering special discounts this weekend, I will also offer a special deal.  Anyone who goes to the gym this weekend to work out; I will not people watch you.  Feel free to use the treadmill in front of me and shake it like you got it without fear of me writing about you later.  That’s right…I’m offering a humor-free gym coupon for this weekend to promote healthy hearts.


Today is an important day and we all should do our best to promote National Heart Awareness day.


Wear Red…be healthy…or get naked.


I’m hoping Alyssa Milano crosses my path this weekend; is wearing red, and making unhealthy heart choices.


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  1. todays date

    Just come home from town,looked in mirror & realised I’ve been walking around talking to peeps with gold star stickers stuck to face-sigh

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