Feb 13 2012


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I would like to extend my deepest apologies to any new reader that has stumbled upon my blog today.  If you are new to my website, I encourage you to immediately look at the right side of your screen, locate the links under “Recent Posts,” and click away.  Please do not come back to this Public Blog Service Announcement.


One of the services that the hosting company for my website offers is a free statistics section to help me improve my blog.  Yesterday, an upgrade for this statistical area was provided, and I clicked the button to upgrade.




Tangent attack: I like to speak in public.  One word that used to sink my public speaking battleship was the word “statistic.”   As a college graduate, who majored in business; not being able to say the word “statistic” is embarrassing.  I must have practiced saying this word at least 700 times.  Until one day, I finally overcame the tongue twisting train wreck that would occur in my mouth when trying to pronounce the word “statistic.”


Where was I?


Back to the statistical upgrade: I instantly noticed a section that was highlighted in red.  This red section is provided to show me low-performing areas on my website that I need to focus on immediately.  The service also provides suggestions on improving the red areas of my website.


I know that I’m still new to this whole blogging world, but I feel pretty good about the words that I have been putting across your screens.  So there I was all happy, like a little kid that was given a scoop of his/her favorite ice cream.  In fact, I was so happy about my ice cream, I even thought about doing an ice cream dance.  Then all of sudden, a kick ball comes flying out of nowhere, and knocks my ice cream out of my hand.







Which ultimately leads to 


Engagement:  This area on my blog is marked as being critical.  What does engagement mean in terms of my blog?  I didn’t know either; I had to research the term.  Simply put, engagement means that I don’t get enough comments on my blog.  I will list some of their suggestions to help improve the engagement of my blog.

1.)    Try making commenting on your site more user-friendly.  To do this, I will offer some guidelines for leaving comments on my blog.

  • If I write a post, and it makes you remember that you forgot to switch the laundry, feel free to let me know.
  • If you happened to read my post titled, “Hundreds of Miles of Going Nowhere,” and it made you think of fried chicken.  Let me know.  It would be an odd comment, but I will appreciate your words nonetheless.
  • If I make you laugh and you spit something out of your mouth while reading my words, please leave a comment.  Bonus points will be given to the individual who spits something out of their mouth, and the projectile actually hits another individual near their computer or phone.
  • If I make you laugh and it causes some unusual bodily noise, please keep your comment to yourself.  Someone may be eating while reading my post and your comment may cause them to lose their appetite.
  • If you get a hot tip on next week’s winning lottery numbers, please leave your winning numbers comment.
  • If anything that I write makes you remember the time you were in high school, on the bus, and a girl lifts you up over her head, and throws you across two rows of seats…Wait!  That was me, and that really did happen.  I will have to share that story with everyone in the future.

When leaving a comment, all that is required is a valid email address.  You don’t even have to give your real name.  You could use an alias or even some nickname that you had as a child.  It’s up to you.  I hope that I helped to make leaving comments on my blog more user-friendly.


2.)    Improve your writing skills and/or think about changing your writing style.  I know that I can always improve my writing skills, but I cannot change my writing style.  Asking me to change my writing style is like asking me to change the color of my skin.  It’s not going to happen.  What you read is what you get.  I have so many funny stories, views of the world, and crazy thoughts left to share that it makes me happy.  I’m not going anywhere.  I will keep writing for as long as my keyboard works.


Personally, I’m flattered that anyone takes time out of their day to read my words.  I really don’t care about the red areas in the statistical section.  It actually made me laugh when I read their concerns, and I felt like sharing with everyone.


I believe if the content is good; people will read.  If people read; they will comment.


Wow, I sound like the voice in the movie Field of Dreams.  Since I brought up the movie Field of Dreams, I believe Kevin Costner sums up my feelings about what I wrote today quite adequately.


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This friendly/sarcastic Public Blog Service Announcement was brought to you by Iric. 

© 2012, Iric. All rights reserved.

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  1. Chole

    I just wanted you to know that I enjoy all your blogs. I have even read a couple of them more than once. I never hesitate to share on my Facebook.

    Can’t wait to hear the story about you getting thrown across two rows of seats!

  2. Gypsy

    I love red licorice, red candy apples, red Slurpees and I love red hot Tobasco! Maybe the statistical department should drink a few Red Bulls. As for myself, your blogs are remarkable!

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