Feb 15 2012


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Happy Make It Stick Day!

The definition of the word “stick” is to cause something to become fixed.

Today is the day to try to make something stick.  What do I mean?  There are moments in my life when I try to give something a second chance.  More often than not, I give these things many chances to become fixed in my life.  It may be a food that I didn’t like as a child or even as an adult.  It could be an activity that I tried once, but quickly gave up on.  As I get older, more mature, and (cough) wiser…I realize that my tastes do change some.

So every year, I go back to some of those things and activities to give them another opportunity to see if I can…“Make It Stick.”

Heck, Make It Stick Day could even apply to relationships.  On the flip side, I’m sure there are people right now that wouldn’t mind unsticking their relationship.  I’ll let Dr. Phil and other so-called experts handle the topic of unsticking as it pertains to relationships.  Surely they are more qualified than me to discuss such a serious topic.

For those of you that may have given up on some of your New Year’s resolutions; I’m offering you another holiday to try again.

Here is my Make It Stick list for this year.

Grape-Nuts cereal: The individuals behind the marketing for this barely edible cereal are geniuses.  Why?  Because this cereal always ends up on my Make It Stick list every year.  The words grape and nuts are in the name which implies that this cereal may actually be good for you. The advertising for this cereal in the past even had the audacity to say it would help build brains and nerves.


The commercials always depict people camping, relaxing, enjoying life, and the only thing that could possible make their serene world better is a bowl of grape-nuts cereal.  You watch the actors smile as they gleefully move the spoonful of cereal to their mouths.  The next thing you hear is the sweet crunching sound of this supposedly great tasting cereal.  Eating grape-nuts is like putting a handful of rocks in your mouth, chewing them, and washing it down with some milk.  I’m sure this cereal causes dentists to have nightmares.

The only individuals that are truly happy about people eating grape-nuts are the makers of the cereal and those associated with the field of cosmetic dentistry.  Forcing people to eat a whole bowl of grape-nuts in some countries is considered a form of capital punishment.  The cereal is so hard to chew that it causes your whole body to shake while you eat it.  Your body doesn’t shake as bad as being electrocuted by a ceiling fan, but it is pretty close.  If you dare to eat the cereal too fast…migraine headaches soon follow.  Still, I somehow manage to cross paths with some unique person who actually likes grape-nuts.  Then I’m left feeling like I’m missing out on something good that I just don’t understand.  So…every year, grape-nuts cereal ends up on my Make It Stick list.  Please wish my teeth and I good luck as I attempt to like this cereal once more.


Learning how to tie my shoes:  Let me explain:  I have always used the “bunny ear” method to tie my shoes.  That is the way I was taught to tie my shoes and I have continued to use this method my whole life.  One down-side to the bunny ear method is that my shoes do not stay tied very long.  I constantly find myself having to tie my shoes.  Certain types of shoelace materials are slippery.  These slippery materials add fuel to my shoe-tying insanity by causing my shoes to become untied in only a few steps.  I am jealous of the people who use the “loop around” tie method.  They always seem happier to me.  I’m sure it’s because they don’t have to constantly stop to tie their shoes.  I want to be happy too.  I want to be a “loop around” person. I want to be loopy like the rest of you.  So if you happen to see me constantly tying my shoes, please have pity on me, and show me the loop around method.  Help me to Make It Stick this year.


Coffee:  I am not a big fan of warm or hot drinks which automatically is one major strike against coffee.  However, from time to time, I do find myself enjoying the smell of fresh coffee.  Coffee’s deceiving good smell, eventually lures me into trying to Make It Stick once a year.  Last year’s attempt caused my tongue to go numb the whole day because the coffee was so hot.  The super-hot coffee also threw my taste buds into a tailspin.  The result:  Everything that I ate that day ended up tasting like grape-nuts.

Once I get past the hot temperature of coffee, I just can’t seem to get over its bad taste.  I usually have to put so many additives into my cup of coffee to make it taste better…that it barely resembles coffee when I’m finished.  It usually ends up looking like something I would get at Dairy Queen.

The Sound of Music: I am not a big fan of musicals.  My dislike for musicals may surprise some because I like to sing.  If I were Superman, The Sound of Music would be my Kryptonite.  The acting alone makes this movie unwatchable.  Add the bad plot, sprinkle in the horrendous songs throughout this musical, and you can put a fork in me…I’m done.  The only thing that could make this musical disaster worse…if they were to do a remake, and replace Julie Andrews with Flo from the Progressive Insurance commercials.  I would rather be at a home improvement store, being chased topless through the aisles by a squirrel, and then stopping to drink a cup of scalding black coffee than watch The Sound of Music.



It baffles me when I hear people talk about their love for this musical.  Their faces light up when referring to Maria and the Von Trapp children, and if they talk long enough about The Sound of Music…they eventually will break out in song.  When that happens, like Superman, I’m outta there faster than a speeding bullet.

This year I will give this Kryptonite musical another chance and put it on my Make It Stick list.  I realize that watching The Sound of Music may actually result in me losing one of my favorite super hero powers…my ability to hear good music ever again. If you happen to be with me while I watch The Sound of Music, please tie me up in a chair so I will have to watch the entire movie.  My only stipulation about being tied up; please use the “bunny ear” method so that when I come untied within a few minutes…I can fly out of there.


Happy Make It Stick Day!


What things or activities are you going to try to…Make It Stick this year?

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  1. Amber

    I can attest to the bunny ear problem…that’s why I always had to retie our boys’ shoes when they were little!

  2. Iric

    I knew my distaste for The Sound of Music would ruffle someone’s feathers. As long as you don’t sing songs from The Sound of Music…I accept your offer to teach to me how to tie my shoes.

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