May 13 2014


Don’t Be Stinky! Be Happy!

“Happiness is like wearing deodorant…you have to put it on every day.  If you don’t…both life and you stink.” ~Me


Happiness is a state of mind.  Happiness and joy are both contagious.  Being around happy people will often times lead you down the same path of positivity towards a better life.

Today I will put on a super-hero like costume and I will not let negativity penetrate my soul.

Tied closely to happy people is their ability to be resilient when life throws tough situations at them.  We all have positive and negative experiences throughout our lives.  Life is tough and there is no way around it.  How we deal with life’s challenges says a lot about our character and ultimately leads to happiness.  Being resilient is like having a pillow strapped to your butt…when you fall down it doesn’t hurt so much, and makes it easier to bounce back up.  If you’re feeling defeated…realize it’s only a temporary setback.  Do not linger on negativity.  There is a Japanese proverb that goes, “Fall seven times and stand up eight.”  We will all fall down in life, but it’s important to get back up and move forward, remain strong, be dedicated, and strive towards reaching a state of happiness.


What makes you happy?

Your significant other

Your children

Blue slushes

Your job

Painting a picture

Your health

Making ugly sand castles

Listening to music

Snow cones

Making Origami

The soud of laughter

Blowing bubbles

Flying a kite

Leaving pennies at a fountain


Your home



Walking in a park

Having a picnic

Holding hands with the one you love

Watching movies

Your pet(s)

Being able to jump up and down

Running a marathon

Dancing in front of the mirror


The point is…we are surrounded by happiness if we are willing to open our heart and eyes to see the beauty that fills our lives.

You don’t have to have the most money in the world to be happy.  Earning an honest living and working hard for every dollar along the way provides a sense of worth, achievement, and happiness.

You don’t have to have the smartest children in the world to be happy.  Just knowing that you work hard as a parent, are willing to sacrifice for their happiness, and that you love them so much it hurts sometimes is enough to fill your heart with happiness.  Your dedication towards raising responsible, caring, and loving human beings is a great accomplishment.

Thinking and acting positively can boost your emotional well-being.  It’s that simple.  It’s like putting on a hat or like wearing deodorant.

It is important to celebrate hard-earned accomplishments in our lives, but equally important are the little victories along the way.  It’s the little victories that let us know that we are on the right path.  Small victories can help you get through a difficult day and end the day with a smile instead of feeling like giving up.

An example of a little victory is making the perfect swirled ice cream cone.  I’m convinced that making the perfect ice cream cone is a lost art.  It should be an Olympic event.


Another factor in achieving happiness is forgiveness. When we don’t forgive, our hearts are filled with anger, grudges, resentment, and sometimes, pure disgust.  Forgiveness releases us from these negative feelings and replaces them with compassion, tenderness, gentleness, and love.  Sometimes people hurt us so badly that we feel like we are in a cave with no hope or light.  Forgiveness can provide a lighted path out of the cave and help to release a hurtful past, find comfort, and achieve happiness.  Other benefits of forgiveness are a decrease in stress, anxiety, depression, and increases in hope and self-esteem.  See the potential in people, and help them to achieve their potential.  The result is a rewarding life experience for the both of you.

Today spend time thinking happy thoughts.

Today think about all the happiness that fills your daily life.

Today think about offering forgiveness to anyone who has wronged you.

Today practice gratitude, and be thankful for those special people in your life.


I hope whoever is reading this blog post doesn’t stink.  I hope everyone is wearing deodorant and has chosen to put their happiness on.


Be thankful for this amazing planet that we live on and for the incredible beauty that it contains.


Life is too short to be anything but happy.


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